Why is it important the sexual continence (active or passive)? Here’s why: “When we are losing control over sexual energy, the enlightenment is temporarily stopped.” Kularnava tantra A possible solution to achieve this exceptional achievement:

Sexual life can be prolonged with natural herbal aphrodisiacs. However, it is necessary to mention something: The reason of sexual life ceasing and becoming old  is the  sexual potential depletion. It’s a given physiological potential that each of us, male or female we receive at birth (different from one to another). It is as if, at birth, symbolically speaking, a man receives from his father a bowl of sperm and says him, that as he will take care of it, so he will do both: living and loving.

So in vain you prolong the sexual desire with the aphrodisiacal powers because in a short while you will reach in an initially embarrassing status,  unless you will practice sexual continence. Anyone who wants to enrich their sex lives and to extend it, whether man or woman is worth reading the lines that follow, to say at least  that they have decided. knowingly.

acharya Shiva Shankara